MAP Warehouse Management

MAP Warehouse Management System is Dynamic and simply configurable for a speedy, price effective implementation, it offers an excellent price for your operation. With it, you’ll be able to support advanced fulfillment operations, improve inventory and cargo accuracy, and gain total inventory visibility.

MAP WMS Functionality

  • Temperature Regulation
  • Radio Frequency Processes
  • Barcode Tracing, Scanning and Confirmation
  • User Definable Rules for Customers, Sites, Products
  • FIFO
  • LIFO
  • Expiry Date
  • Batch
  • Lot
  • Adaptable Management Reporting Options
  • Wide-ranging Audit Trail for all operations
  • Confinement Functionality
  • Online Support Platform
  • Bendable Administration Reporting Options
  • Wide-ranging Audit Trail for all procedures
  • Dock Arrangement
  • Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)
  • Scheduled and Unscheduled Receipts
  • Automation for Revenues, Compensations, Recollections
  • Positioning Optimization
  • Chosen Zone Order
  • Structure Engrossed Put away
  • System Accomplished Replacement
  • Wave
  • Bulk
  • Batch
  • Electronic Direct Interface (EDI)
  • Scan-Packing
  • Multi-Order
  • Put-to-Store

Advanced Crossdocking

Route and Drop Order Waving

Order Consolidation & Customer Pallet Configuration

  • Load Optimization
  • RF Load Out
  • Drop Order Sequencing
  • Yard Controlling
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Labour Management
  • Work Estimator Tool
  • Engineered Standards

Features of MAP Warehouse Management System

  • Dynamic: MAP warehouse management is a dynamic system with easy configuration of implementation.

  • Cost Effective: MAP has got simple configuration which lets to straightforward and value friendly implementation.

  • Inventory Visibility: Gain total inventory visibility by perpetually knowing what's in your warehouse. Avoid stock-outs by perpetually syncing with the market.

  • Efficient Operations : Support advanced fulfillment operations, improve inventory and cargo accuracy.

  • Proper Delivery: The warehouse management suite covers all areas of warehouse functionality together with Receiving, put away, Cross arrival, Order selecting, renewal, Interleaving, Dispatch, Proof of Delivery.

  • Barcode Scanning: MAP warehouse management suite assigns barcodes to merchandise and scans exploitation equid with Zebra or another hardware.

  • Benefits of MAP Warehouse Management System

    Inventory Control: A warehouse helps manage an outsized quantity of inventory for a business. It supports in matching the stock with the claim of a fleetly varied atmosphere.

    Centralization of Goods: The warehouse management stores all merchandise in a very single location, leading to simple storage, distribution and delivery of products and low price transportation.

    Increases operation Utility: Since all goods are present at the proper place and at the right time, they're forever on the market. Hence warehousing increases operational utility.

    Commercial Benefit: Various costs including outbound delivery costs, shipping costs, transportation costs etc. are cut down. Thus increasing economic benefits.

    Cross- docking: It is a process of moving the goods directly from unloading the shipping with less inventory.

    Other modules include:

    • Logistics Provider / Business Unit Billing

    • Pallet Tracking

    • Batch / Lot Tracking

    • Serial Number Tracking

    • Load Planning / Truck Loading / Scheduling

    • Dock / Yard Management

    • Temperature Probe Recording

    • Production / Raw Materials Management

    • Container Management

    Warehouse Workforce Management:

    • Gain greater visibility into your operations and workforce to assist scale back labor inefficiencies, raise overall performance, and improve accuracy.
    • Manage and track workforce performance supported on quantitative goals with KPIs
    • Set material handling goals for warehouse tasks and value added service activities
    • Measure task completion times and analyze productivity by cost center, work group, work area, & process type
    • Maximize the efficiency of warehouse and in-store operations

    Warehouse Intelligence:

    • Receive summarized insight into warehouse operations and key performance metrics for either the facility you manage or across your entire integrated logistics network.
    • Intelligent dashboards enable real-time operational analysis, reporting, and alert management
    • Gain greater inventory visibility, analyze warehouse throughput, monitor warehouse operations
    • Leverage reporting, alerting and scheduling capabilities

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