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With 24X7 cloud-based access to your schedule,  our technical support team puts you first around the clock.

MAP – Procedures and policies  system ensures that your companies policies are effortlessly accessed and always up-to-date and precise, and are known to all.

Challenges in Scheduling

  • Unstable Work Schedules
  • Employees suffer from unstable work schedules caused by unfair scheduling practices like: On-call shifts: When employees are summoned by managers to work before shift starts. Clopening shifts: When manager asks employees to work again just after they finish their shifts. Rotating Shifts: When a 9 hour shift is split into 3-hour sets.

  • Employee exhaustion
  • Employee exhaustion seems to be a top scheduling policy. With unfair schedules, people become tired and exhausted. When tired, people make more mistakes, and turns out unhappy and unproductive.

  • Manual processing of scheduling applications
  • The more time leaders spend on administrative tasks, the less time they have to devote their talent to scaling people and profits.

  • Managing budgets
  • Due to scheduling failures if an employee is not paid for his overtime, then the employer might be sued for violating Labor standards act, which may lead them to huge fine.

  • Filling shifts when unplanned absences occur
  • Due to manual scheduling, when an employee takes an unplanned leave, managers schedule and gives the shifts to someone who might have just completed his shift. This is one of the important challenges in scheduling. .

  • Scheduling failures Reduces ROI
  • When scheduling fails, right people are not scheduled for right job at the right time. This results in failure in delivering peak ROI.

    Unified Customer Appointment

    No more worries about endless customer enquiry calls . With MAP scheduler’s automatic booking, help your customers book appointment just by touching a button. Promote your brand by coupling your booking process with social media posts.

    Strong Reporting

    With MAP-Scheduler, you will be now able to tract appointment history of each customer and observe customer ratings. The pre-built standard templates help in customizing and building of efficient reports which boost up office reporting and data-driven sales.

    Updated Administration

    MAP makes sure you administer your team with accurate supervision. Its dashboard provides several users access to it, and its app allows to customize and set your own parameters in the processes.

    Enhanced Project Management

    Whether it be production or marketing, companies always rely on projects. Each project is run in different stages and processes by multiple teams and without proper schedule, it is not going to work out. Projects must be scheduled and its scheduling software should have deadlines, which map the processes and estimate the time for each task.

    Restored Supply Chain Management

    From manufacturing of the product to its delivery, comes under supply chain. Your supply chain includes the purchasing of raw materials from certain company, manufacturing of the goods, production, warehousing and delivery. If any of them is not properly scheduled, it shakes the entire supply chain. And if goods are not delivered on time and in good, there is chance of losing customers. Thus scheduling each part of supply chain is important. With centralized PP, data becomes effortlessly searchable, saving a lot of time and bandwidth of your employees.

    Amplified Productivity

    MAP- Scheduler helps you stay on tract of every project and makes work done on time. Checking the to-do list reminds of the tasks and deadlines of upcoming projects. It helps you prioritize your work. Without scheduler, all projects will get piled up with time. Scheduler will keep sending notifications and will let you avoid piling up of work.

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