Simply built, easy-to-use form builder

Create your forms with our simple and customized form builder, share it using our app and set up a real time support to receive your data.

Simple and Redefined forms

Anyone can design a responsive form easily using our MAP form builder. Adding barcode scanners, location, MCQs, pictures and other add-ons. You can create several tabs and arrange all the information in a single tab.

Convenient to use 

Handiness is an important feature to count on. MAP-form builder is easy to use for its users and businesses. In MAP- form builder we provide uninterrupted assistance through our programming arrangement which helps users create instant forms. For any field you do not need any additional effort to create forms with MAP - form builder. It has gone lots of options with its huge programming knowledge. You can add whatever you wish for in the forms by MAP-form builder.


MAP allows us to access forms on any device you want to. This allows users to accept and share data immediately, your consumers can submit feedback anywhere anytime. Hence wherever your customers are, using whatever devices, your targeted audience and customers can always give feedback regarding your customer experience.

Guileless Customization

Customization helps in styling your form. With MAP form builder, you can modify your form according to your requirements and expectations. Customization is the main benefit one will find in a form builder. With customization, you can change different fields from different templates with each unique looks.

Real-Time Testing

Once you are done creating the forms, you need to check it before publishing it online. MAP form builder provides real time testing to cross check your forms. You can detect all errors in your form and thus MAP form builder helps you edit your forms from small to large edits at all times.

Great for Surveys

MAP- form builder are great data collectors and helps in running surveys for your business website. With MAP’s comprehensive knowledge, you will be able to run deep surveys for your business. This encourages you to create as many forms as you want and then circulate those online. Later after collecting back the forms from the users, you can get the result of the surveys.

Boundless themes and templates

Designs and colors carry huge significance. As visitors get attracted to the looks. When you start creating a form, you have to choose between different colors, designs, themes and layers. With MAP- form builder, you will get multiple of inbuilt themes, textures, colors, designs and more. So choosing of designs is no more a worry for MAP adopters.

Lead generation

Lead generation is one of the foremost concern of every single business company, and online form builders are so much capable of generating leads for your business. Through forms that user fill plays a crucial role for lead increasing as users are being come in direct contact with the company management.   Whether it be a small or a large scale business, generating customers is the foremost concern of any business.

MAP-Form Builder in Action

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