Why MAP – Document  Management System?

Document management systems (DMS )are to arrange all business files including papers and applications in digital form. Software applications are directly placed in the DMS, while the paper files are first converted into digital form first by scanning and then it is stored in the DMS. The digital form of papers gives it a better level of safety and security.

An organization’s DMS controls  its digital files and records including MS word, Excel, Power point, accounting tools, emails, etc. Along with storing the content, it manages them, enabling faster access and better control over the files.

Remove Paper Storage

Removing the heavy bulk of papers itself removes ample matters and labor bandwidth. Elimination of paper files also saves a lot of storage space. To store and distribute paper files they are duplicated or Xeroxed. Their storage captures a lot of office area and their maintenance needs more staff. More files across office area and more staff, results in more problems. But maintaining the documents in digital forms increases its efficiency.

Lower costs

Running a business costs a lot of money and business owners should do all possible efforts to lower cost. One of the effective way to reduce business cost is to stop depending on papers. Papers cost a lot of time and money in its storage, distribution and maintenance. A DMS converts papers into scanned digital files improving security and reducing a huge amount of money.

Saves time – Immediate access to files

When files are stored in paper forms in cabinets, it takes a lot of time to find out any of them among the cabinets. But with MAP-DMS, files are stored digitally and finding and accessing them instantly is simple, irrespective of where you are.

Robust Indexing of Documentation

Irrespective of how ordered, a document system is, there is always error in physical arrangement of documents. MAP- DMS provides robust indexing abilities to its users, by which you can know about each data at all times.

Faster deployment

Managers and business owners often hesitant to install new tools or softwares due to complicated installation steps. Switching to a completely new file management system is a concern over wasting time during conversion. With MAP- DMS, you will experience easy and quick installation with no waste of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Focusing on customer experience is one of the primary value of any business. With MAP-DMS ‘s instant access to any information, documents and problem solving tips, it provides a great customer service to its users. With centralized PP, data becomes effortlessly searchable, saving a lot of time and bandwidth of your employees.


  • Cloud access
  • With MAP, employees can upload and download files any time and at any place, with its cloud access.

  • Smart organization
  • Maintaining huge file is not that easy. With MAP DMS’s smart arrangement, wrt categorization and rating, organizational hierarchy can be well maintained.

  • Beautiful user interface
  • A DMS that you are going to use everyday should not be hard on eyes. MAP – DMS has got attractive visualization, which is easily understandable to its users.

  • A strong search feature
  • As the number of files increases, it becomes difficult for you to find out a specific document. A DMS should have an easy and quick search option like MAP-DMS. While many DMS lack this feature.

  • Version regulator
  • Documents are often updated, and when someone wants to go back and check the original version, it should be accessible. MAP-DMS saves every version of your document allowing you to go back and check the document version even before the update.

  • Authorizations
  • When it comes to security of files and records, the managers or business owners should be having the ability to allow particular employees access to particular data. MAPP-DMS allows business owners to grant permissions for access to specific employees on specific files.

  • Worldwide format support
  • There are many file formats popping up every day, so the DMS should be able to access each and every file format like MAP-DMS.

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