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MAP dashboard – where business insight drives decision making. 

Authorize users, with infinite possibilities, Anytime and Anywhere.

Business Intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool. It displays the grade of business analytics metrics, KPIs and vital statistics points. These are usually for a business, branch, team or a procedure on a sole screen. 

User Friendly

MAP dashboard makes it simple for you to visualise and analyze knowledge.
Besides it allows read current metrics and KPIs with none IT facilitate.
Therefore you'll currently produce a pixel-perfect dashboard by simply drag and drop.
Dragging and dropping includes pushing things from your library into a blank canvas.

Cloud based Business Intelligence

MAP- the cloud-based dashboard needs no installation. It eliminates the requirement for wide-ranging, multifarious knowledge centers. Besides it additionally offers a mobile application version to access through a browser, tablet or a phone. Hence, offers you quicker readying, and removal of high value period of time.

Fully Responsive

MAP dashboard adapts to any screen size, landscape or portrait. It connects via your 4G/LTE network or the general public Wi-Fi thanks to its absolutely responsive behaviour.

Real time Feeds

Real-time visualization of data is faster and reduces longer business challenging communication.
Because MAP dashboard feds in real or near real-time, it offers you quicker analysis.
Besides it also gives better informational awareness than any batch processing data dashboards offer.

Drill down Business Insights

With our Business Intelligence, you’re not restricted to solely knowing the business outline of your company. This is as a result of MAP dashboard, you'll be able to currently drill down all business data. This includes immediate knowledge and in-depth elaborated data. This additionally includes transactional knowledge, most significantly gaining period of time insights. This insights improve your decision-making.

Access all data in One location

MAP dashboard info integrates with virtually any knowledge sources. These includes ERP applications, Access info, Excel, and different leading systems. thus MAP dashboard permits you to make operational and ad-hoc reports. These reports use knowledge from each on premise and cloud applications. They seamlessly import, export, create,and load. Besides they modify documents or convert them from one to a different format. These includes DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF, XLSX, CSV, Tab-delimited, etc.

Proficient Reporting, anytime, anywhere

MAP dashboard perform all tasks mechanically. It includes gathering knowledge, generating a program, crafting the report, and sharing it. as a result of it automaticallyproduces reports, at any time, and at anyplace. Therefore, users don't have to collect, valuate and build separate knowledge presentation. this permits you to watch your business metrics and KPIs in real time.

Stunning Visualization​

MAP dashboard makes each corner of data visualization easy and straightforward. Therefore, helps in easy import of data. Conjointly assists you within the creation of a range of lovely data visualizations.

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