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The Rise of Industry 4.0

Rise of the new digital industrial technology,  Industry 4.0, is a revolution that makes it possible to collect and evaluate data across machines, empowering faster, additional flexibility, and more efficient processes to harvest higher-quality products at a reduced cost. This industrial rebellion will increase efficiency, shift costs, foster industrial growth,—ultimately improving the competitiveness of businesses.

Industry 4.0 increases productivity

A smart manufacturing factory has got the capacity to expect and reduce downtime, and also to enhance equipment usefulness and run its proper maintenance. Adoption of industry 4.0 improves the efficiency where sensors tell us number of produced products, number of faulty products, and time taken for their production. Based on it training and repair can be determined.

Industry 4.0 reduces operating costs

According to 50% of industry 4.0 adopters it helped them reduce operating costs.
Operational cost savings have come from the following :

  • Maintenance of Quality control reduces waste and rework.
  • Predictive analysis prevents unplanned stoppage and expensive maintenances.
  • Adoption of Automation improves production results and reduces employee cost.

  • Industry 4.0 improves Quality

    Improved product quality is a benefit of industrial 4.0. Real time control of product quality helps in every production point. It helps us measure how quality differs with changes in heat levels. Also influence of each employee on the production can be accurately estimated using smart technologies. When these specifications meet, product quality becomes better and customer returns are reduced

    Industry 4.0 is more Innovative

    With adoption of industrial 4.0, it has opened way for greater innovation empowering business execution. Smart devices and newer technologies have made it possible for new business models to emerge. Almost about 13% of industry 4.0 adopters have experienced an improvement in their aptitude towards innovation with smart technologies.

    Industry 4.0 renovates Businesses

    Fitting in smart technologies in business often takes time and sweat. But what you get in return is very fruitful for your business that makes use of data in tactical business decisions. Businessmen become excited, when they hear about the benefits of adopting digital technologies in manufacturing but they are often confused about where and how to start. If one does not know proper analysis, then every information is useless. Proper implementation and use of industrial 4.0 will make you end up in great decisions that leads to business transformation.

    Industry 4.0 augments Data Sharing

    The traditional manufacturing plant work in silos without collaborating with other business processes and data sharing.
    Industry 4.0 enables your production sector, business procedures and other departments. To collaborate with each other regardless of time, framework, and location. This helps one sensor to circulate its data and knowledge throughout the organization.
    The most beautiful thing about smart technology is that all work can be done by machines with machine to machine interaction without human intervention. Data can be shared from one sensor to the entire company automatically. With centralized PP, data becomes effortlessly searchable, saving a lot of time and bandwidth of your employees.

    Industry 4.0 improves elasticity And Swiftness

    Industry 4.0 technologies provide huge flexibility and swiftness to the manufacturing industry.
    With smart devices, it is easier to scale up and down production phases in the organization.With smart technologies launch of new products into the manufacturing department and creating opportunities for high-mix production and a lot more.

    Industry 4.0 brings better Customer Experience

    With automated tracking and tracing possibilities all customer problems can be solved quickly. And from booking till delivery every thing is achieved at the press of a single button. With digital technologies quality of goods can be fur improved and we can offer n number of choices to our customers.

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